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Industrialize your content production with Big Content innovation, organization, and multi-channel publishing.

What is Big Content?

Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute’s Chief Strategy Officer and a PublishThis Advisor, explains how Big Content will transform marketing and publishing.

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Why Leading Companies Use PublishThis

Rich Content Intelligence (IQ)
The leading semantic aggregation engine with superior relevance and content trends
Keyword Searching, “Mention” mis-matches and “Learning” tools you need to train

Robust Content Recirculation
External & internal content tagged & organized for easy repurposing and promotion
Content goes out and leaves the cycle
Multi-Source Content
Branded & Curated & Licensed
Single-Source Content
(Branded OR Curated OR Licensed)
Multi-Channel Publishing
Web & Email & Social & Marketing Automation
Single-Channel Only
(Web OR Email OR Social)
Pre-Populated Source Directory (over 500K)
Customize the web's best sources (by industry, topic, geography) + discovery tech for new sources
Manually add sources
Powerful REST-API & Plugins
Flexible architecture with a wide range of output formats & publishing end-points
Minimal API options and little to no support
Flexible User Management
Robust back-end architecture to support enterprise roles and user privileges
Separate user nodes for each project, little to no enterprise support
Experienced Content Support
Content Strategists specializing in real-time content strategies & implementation
No training or support, no live person to call

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